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The 12th grade high school students and students passing the college entrance examinations, who are applying the admission to FCU, are welcome to register and study our e-courses.

Math in Daily Life

Course title: 小數界大學問-翻轉生活數學

Teacher:張其棟 (微積分教學中心)
Enter Course:https://www.openedu.tw/course.jsp?id=475


Course title: 大學普通物理實驗-手作坊

Teachers:李英德 (光電學系)、洪耀正 (物理教學研究中心)、羅道正 (光電學系)
Enter Course:https://www.openedu.tw/course.jsp?id=263


Course title: 攻略祕笈-作文能力精進課程

Teachers:余美玲 (中國文學系)、徐培晃 (國語文教學中心)、查太元 (國語文教學中心)、黎滔泉 (弘光科技大學通識學院)
Enter Course:https://www.openedu.tw/course.jsp?id=499

Smart Living-The Applications of Transportation and Logistics

Course title: 智慧生活─運輸與物流之應用

Teachers:林良泰、葉昭甫、吳沛儒 (運輸與物流學系)
Enter Course:https://www.openedu.tw/course.jsp?id=388