Credit-earning for micro-credit e-courses?

  • The guidelines are based on “Practices of massive online open courses at FCU” and “Practices of micro-credit guidelines of General Education Center at FCU
  • Applicable to: FCU undergraduate students
    • Credit-earning: General elective courses (Integration)
  • Application deadline: Students should apply credit-earning claim before MOOC’s course starts up. The application shall be completed one business day before the second week when the class launches.
  • The range of qualified e-courses: (Based on the update on Sept. 10, 2018)
    1. e-Courses on limited self-study platforms from: coursera, edX, Future Learn, UDACITY
    2. The micro-credits earned for your chosen online course have to be approved by the University (Please refer to your instructors)
  • Procedures for applying micro-credits:
    1. First Stage: Application Procedure
      In order to use the online courses, you have to fill up the course application form 修課申請書 (The deadline is one business day before the second week for the class begins). Please email your application document to the librarian in charge ( You will be informed the approval results through phone or email. Receiving the approval notice, then you can initiate the self-study e-course. Accordingly the University will assign a mentor for individual applicant.
    2. Second Stage: MOOC’s Credit Approval Procedure
      Please fill out the e-course report (修課報告書) within one month after completion of your e-course. This application form needs to be signed by your mentor and be sent to the General Education Center for final approval. You are requested to display your MOOC’s certificate and e-course report to the Digital Technology and e-Learning Division on the 4th floor of FCUL, then the University will issue you the micro-credit approval.
    3. Third Stage: Credit Accumulation and Recognize Application
      Students who wish to transfer their MOOC’s credits into official credits for the programs at FCU, please combine with the MOOC’s earned credits approved by the FCU General Education Center (For more information, please refer to the FCU General Education Center.)
      There are two possibilities to transfer your MOOC’s earned credits to official credits for the programs:

      1. After you acquire more than 1.6 credits, you can apply for the recognition of your credits from the General Education Center at FCU. With the approval you can exchange your micro-credits for two credits for general education category.
      2. If you accumulate the micro-credits up to full 2 credits, you can directly apply for two credits for general education category.


    • In order to follow the credit-earning rules for this distance learning for taking e-courses, students cannot get more than one full credit per MOOC’s course in the third stage. Each additional MOOC e-course can only allow to accept0.9 credit at maximum.
    • Note that credit applications must be made before end of May or before end of December and the credits can be counted for the semester credits in accordance. Beyond the deadline, the credits will be counted for the next semester. For senior students or those who want to graduate in any particular semester, please ensure to have the accumulated 2 credits in the spring semester of the school year or in that specific semester when students plan to
    • Any overdue applications will not be accepted by the University.
    • Staff in assistance: For the 1st and 2nd stage, please contact the librarian of Digital Technology and e-Learning Division (ext. 2673). For 3rd stage, please see the staff of FCU General Education Center (ext. 2138).


    • For the qualified MOOC’s courses are conducted on campus, the course description will offer following data:
Course titleClass durationDeadline for credit application