Announced on February 19th, 2014, the FCU Cloud Academy (FCU CA) establishes an e-learning platform that provides innovative opportunities in education, as well as the development, promotion, implementation, and management of progressive online courses.

For efficient operations, the FCU CA administrative team consists of a dean, CEO, vice CEO, and secretary.

The FCU CA steering committee (SC) monitors the administrative affairs of FCU CA. The SC consists of 13 to 16 members from among FCU’s highest-level administrators. All members are designated by the FCU president and serve a term of one year.

The FCU CA is composed of the following three working groups (WG):

1. Digital Technology and e-Learning WG: production and implementation of online courses/materials, development and design of diverse online instructions/pedagogies, application and programming of online courses/materials, development and evaluation of policies/strategies, and establishment and deployment of supportive environment;

2. Intellectual Property Rights Service WG: management of intellectual property rights, and the purchase and maintenance of online course materials; and

3. Activities and Promotions WG: design and implementation of related activities and events, and promotion of online learning literacy.


  • Dean, CA: Bing-Jean Lee
    +886-4-2451-7250 ext. 2010;
  • CEO, CA: Jim-Min Lin
    +886-4-2451-7250 ext. 2600;
  • Vice CEO, CA: Hui-Chuan Wang
    +886-4-2451-7250 ext. 2607;
  • Secretary, CA: Yu-Li Ho
    +886-4-2451-7250 ext. 2609; ylho
  • Chief of Intellectual Property Rights Service,CA: Hui-Chuan Wang
    +886-4-2451-7250 ext. 2607;
  • Chief of Activities and Promotions, CA: Li-Li Huang
    +886-4-2451-7250 ext. 2660;
  • Chief of Digital Technology and e-Learning, CA: Chia-Lin Yang
    +886-4-2451-7250 ext. 2670;